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Unique Pieces at Home and Cottage Expo

Wayne Datema Country Charm

Bringing a unique piece of nature inside has been a popular trend in recent years, in the form of live edge furniture.

Some of those unique pieces were on display by vendors at the Owen Sound Home and Cottage Expo at the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre on the weekend.

“We have always done wood furniture and it is the beauty of natural wood that people love,” said Wayne Datema, owner of Country Charm Mennonite Furniture. “Here you are getting something that is organic and it is really driving the market right now.”

Datema said there is a real push in society towards salvaging items and making them useful again, and that is essentially what is being done with the live edge pieces.

“It is eco-friendly because of that,” said Datema. “There is no glue in them because you have got a true slab, and they are really beautiful pieces.”

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